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The Ultimate Guide to TeaCrine

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By Derek Ciocca August 17, 2018

What is Teacrine and how can it help improve your focus and workouts

When you are serious about getting the most from your workout, one of the most important steps you can take is understanding what supplements can benefit your body. There are supplements that you can take regularly that optimize your metabolism and muscle health, including products like whey protein, which comes in a range forms--from powders to energy bars. Another option for those who are serious about bodybuilding and who want to make their workouts as successful as possible may consider taking a supplement just before they go to the gym in order to increase their performance and maximize its effects. One of those supplements is TeaCrine.

TeaCrine is a supplement containing the naturally occurring ingredient theacrine, and theacrine is a stimulant that can help boost energy and focus in people who consume it. If you're looking for help reaching peak bodybuilding performance, a supplement with theacrine may be an excellent option for you. Read on to gain an understanding of what TeaCrine is, how it can benefit you, any potential drawbacks you can experience from taking it and how it can be consumed in order to help you reach peak physical performance.

What is TeaCrine?

TeaCrine is a supplement that contains pure theacrine. Theacrine is a naturally-occurring substance that has regularly been compared to caffeine. You can find theacrine in nature in a variety of places, including many teas and coffees that humans regularly consume, as well as in the seeds of several plants, including Herrania and Theocrama, and in a couple of exotic fruits.

What is Teacrine and what does it do for your workouts

Theacrine is an alkaloid, and its molecule is actually structured similarly to the caffeine molecule. Because of their similar structures, caffeine and a theacrine supplement like TeaCrine are believed to activate the body in similar ways. Experts believe that they can both boost positive effects in the body, like increased energy and better focus, and people who consume theacrine have been known to experience a tangible increase in vitality and alertness.

While scientists are still doing research on TeaCrine, scientists believe that there may be more to theacrine than just another naturally occurring supplement that can give you an energy boost. Read on to learn more about the believed benefits of theacrine, and how taking TheaCrine may ultimately help you improve your workouts and the results that you see from them.

The Benefits of TeaCrine

Because TeaCrine is a new supplement that has pure theacrine in it, people who consume it can expect to experience the slew of benefits that theacrine offers. Here are some of the best believed benefits of theacrine, especially for those who are serious about body building.

Energy Boost

One of the main benefits of TeaCrine is that it provides an energy boost to anyone who takes it. Theacrine itself acts as a stimulant, which means that people who take it before a workout can feel an overall sense of increased energy and vitality.

Enhanced Physical Performance

Research shows that people who take a product with theacrine in it, like TeaCrine, can experience an increase in the amount of physical energy they are able to expend. The also experience reduced physical fatigue. This means that they are able to push themselves harder during workouts and last longer, so they can experience and overall improved physical performance.

Improved Mental Performance

Similar to caffeine, theacrine has been shown to increase the amount of alertness in people who take it. This means that if you take TeaCrine, you may experience a feeling of wakefulness, as well as increased concentration.

Pain Reduction

While there is still more research to be done about the analgesic effects of theacrine, early research indicates that the supplement may be successful at reducing pain in people. Chinese cultures have long used Kucha Tea as a means of warding off inflammation and pain. Theacrine is one of the main ingredients in Kucha Tea, and people believe that it is the substance that has the pain-relieving properties. So, if you take TeaCrine, you can experience both the analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits of the main substance in it.

Stress Reversal

A stressful lifestyle can cause a slew of health problems in humans, including cardiovascular disease, depression, liver issues and more. In a recent study, theacrine was shown to improve the liver functioning that was damaged by stress. Thus, experts believe that theacrine could end up being a remedy for reversing the bodily harm done by stress and way to restore health and wellness.

Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants are the properties in nature that combat free radicals in humans. Theacrine is believed to have powerful antioxidant properties that may be able to reduce liver damage caused by oxidative stress. One molecule produced by the liver naturally that combats oxidative damage is called glutathione. Theacrine naturally raises glutathione levels in the body, which means that it may be able to help your body protect your liver from oxidative damage.

Improved Mood

A person's mood can have a huge effect on their overall wellbeing. Theacrine has been shown to improve people's mood when they take it as a regular supplement. Thus, if you're feeling down or blue, theacrine may be a solution that can help you feel happier or more energized.

No Tolerance Built

When you take caffeine, it can stimulate you. But, overtime, you build up a tolerance to it, so it takes more and more in order to give you that same spark. Eventually, it can even take some caffeine to simply get you to your baseline. In contrast, people do not build up any tolerance to theacrine, even over time. This means that you can consistently take the same amount without worrying about its effects being dampened.

A Balance to Caffeine

A study recently showed that when theacrine was taken with caffeine, it significantly reduced the amount of jitters that people felt. Because theacrine allows you to reduce the amount of caffeine you ingest, taking a supplement like TeaCrine pre-workout can help combat and minimize the negative effects of caffeine, while enhancing and boosting its positive effects.


In the same way that you won't build up a tolerance to theacrine, you also won't get addicted to it. This means that you can take it safely without worrying about ever needing to withdraw from it or being concerned about it being hard to stop taking.

Lowered Cholesterol

A recent study showed that people who took theacrine over an 8 week period showed reduced LDL levels and reduced total cholesterol. This means that the supplement has the potential to be a treatment for people who have high cholesterol.

Potential Drawbacks of Taking TeaCrine

When you take any supplement, it's possible to experience negative side effects. While studies show that taking TeaCrine and supplements with theacrine is safe for humans, there is a small chance you could experience an unpleasant sensation. Some of the most common negative effects of TeaCrine include the following:

  • Minimal stimulant side effects: Theacrine does not cause the same amount of stimulant side effects as caffeine. However, people taking TeaCrine and other supplements with theacrine may experience some of the common side effects that you would when you take a stimulant. These side effects include nervousness, anxiety, and jitters. These side effects can be minimized by taking a low dose, and are often only experienced when taking a high dose.
  • Not safe for pregnancy: While there is no evidence that theacrine is dangerous for pregnant mothers, there has not been extensive research done on how theacrine could effect a woman who is pregnant. Thus, it is safest for people who are pregnant to avoid taking the supplement until they are no longer pregnant.
  • Everyone reacts differently: this drawback goes for all supplements you may choose to take pre- or post-workout. Every human body reacts differently to substances consumed. While most people experience an energy and mood boost from taking theacrine, some people may react differently. If you're not happy with your reaction to theacrine, you can consider returning the product that the supplement is in or speaking to your doctor about why you may have had an adverse reaction.
  • Potential sedative effect: Taken at very low doses, theacrine can have a sedative effect on a human body. This is similar to caffeine, which can also sedate people when consumed in very little amounts. This means that you should be careful not to take too little of the supplement if you're wanting to use the supplement to boost your energy and alertness before you work out.

How to Consume TeaCrine

If you are considering taking a supplement with theacrine in it in order to enjoy the slew of natural benefits it offers, there are many ways that you can consume the substance.

First, consider taking it the way that people have done it historically for centuries: in kuch tea. This natural substance can give you the benefits of theacrine in a simple, easy to access and hydrating form. The only drawback to taking theacrine in the form of kucha tea is that kucha tea notoriously has a bitter taste.

Additionally, you may want to try taking the pre-workout supplement TeaCrine. TeaCrine is specially formulated and contains pure theacrine, which means that you'll get to experience the full effects of the compound without any unnecessary additives.

In addition to taking TeaCrine on its own, it can benefit bodybuilders to take TeaCrine in a pre-workout formula combined with other helpful supplements. Some of the best formulas that contain TeaCrine include:

Yeah Buddy

Yeah Buddy is a unique formula from Ronnie Coleman that contains TeaCrine as one of its most important ingredients. Yeah Buddy is a pre workout mix that's designed to deliver energy. You can simply take one scoop of the formula before you workout and enjoy its benefits. In addition to TeaCrine, Yeah Buddy contains Dynamine, L-Citrulline, Caffeine, and Beta-Alanine.


Another great pre-workout option for body builders who want to push their bodies to the max in a safe way is Pre-XS. This formula is for anyone who wants an extreme energy boost before they head to the gym. Pre-XS was created to give people who take both a mental and physical boost, and it does not cause people to experience a crash after it wears off. In addition to containing TeaCrine, Pre-XS also includes Carnosyn Beta Alanine to combat muscle fatigue and Bioperine, which is a clinically studied absorption enhancer that improves the bioavailability of the nutrients in your body, so you can get the most from your workout.

Conclusion: Take TeaCrine Pre-Workout to Reach Maximum Performance and Peak Results

At the end of the day, anyone who is looking to improve their physique and maximize their athletic performance may want to turn to supplements to ensure they're getting the most from their workouts as possible. Supplements can be taken pre- and post-workout, and they can also be taken regularly for maximum health, like Omega 3--which is derived from healthy fat in fish oil and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that can improve cardiovascular health. You can simply take a scoop of Pre-XS before you start lifting, or you can try it out to see if it is for you by trying a free sample from the Ronnie Coleman website (just pay shipping).

People who need an energy boost and who want to work as hard as their body can should consider a supplement like Teacrine. Because Teacrine is naturally occurring, it's considered to be a safe way to amp up energy expenditure and increase the effectiveness of performance, and when combined with other natural supplements, may just be the key to unlock your bodybuilding success. Before you take any new supplement, make sure you talk to your doctor about what is safe for your body. With an understanding of your full health picture, you can be advised on what supplement and workout program will ultimately work best for you.



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