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Bcaa: 6-Reasons Why You Should Take BCAAs Today

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By Adam Cannon July 22, 2019

Loosely defined as 3 amino acids that inhibit the breakdown of muscle proteins, BCAA's provide the body with an array of benefits. An essential part of every healthy diet, taking BCAA's is great for your health for a variety of reasons. If you are considering using vitamins or supplements in order to boost your health, BCAA's are an excellent option. That said, the following is a list of 6 reasons why you should take BCAA's today.

Leaner Muscles/ Fat Reduction

One of the main attractions of taking BCAA's is that they can help us create leaner muscles. Studies have shown that BCAA's can simultaneously improve lean muscle mass while decreasing the percentage of fat within the body. According to one study, which was conducted on 36 seasoned strength trainers, those who used BCAA's had much better results than those who other supplements such as sports drinks or whey proteins.

Reduce Muscle Damage

In addition to helping your build leaner muscles, BCAA's can also help reduce muscle damage. Most commonly caused by high-intensity workout regimens, muscle damage occurs when we regularly engage in intense workouts or simply push ourselves beyond our limits. One study has shown that those who used MCAA's while working out also had a lesser presence in the blood, of the substances which indicate muscle damage. Therefore, BCAA's may be an easy way to combat muscle damage as well.

Boost in Muscle Mass

Furthermore, not only can BCAA's reduce muscle damage and help you build leaner muscles, but they can also help you build more muscle mass in general. According to a study conducted in 2006, BCAA's are known to activate the key enzymes for muscle growth, which makes it easier to build and boost your muscle mass when you are weight training or working out regularly. Additionally, another study that was conducted in 1999 showed that BCAA's with a higher level of leucine can be even more effective in regards to building muscle mass.

Less Exercise Fatigue

One of the most sought after benefits of BCAA's is that they have the ability to help reduce the fatigue caused by working out. No matter how often you exercise or what kind of shape your body may be in, you likely experience fatigue from working on on a consistent basis. Given that your muscles utilize BCAA's during workouts, this causes an abundance of these amino acids to be present within your bloodstream. Moreover, once you have finished your workout, your BCAA levels begin to decline. This causes a spike in another amino acid, tryptophan, which is also responsible for making our bodies wind down and drift off into dreamland. By taking BCAA's, you can keep your levels up, which will then help to counteract the release of fatigue-inducing tryptophan. This could also lead to an increased level of endurance.

Liver Disease Treatment

Another very important benefit of taking BCAA's is that they can help those with liver disease. According to a study conducted in 2017, when BCAA's were given to various people suffering from liver cirrhosis, their Model for End-Stage Liver Disease test scores showed significant improvement. (In general, doctors calculate this score by measuring the presence of certain toxins in the blood, which serve as an indication that one's liver is failing.) Moreover, a separate study showed that BCAA's also helped to improve muscle strength in cirrhosis sufferers as well.

Helps Maintain Sugar Levels

Lastly, BCAA's can help maintain normal blood sugar levels. In fact, 2 separate studies have shown that both leucine and isoleucine can help boost the production of insulin levels, which, in turn, helps your muscles deal with glucose and subsequently lowers your blood sugar levels. However, while these studies were successful, other studies suggest that maintaining a diet with a relatively low amount of fat may be a vital component to this as well.

Overall, as a part of a well-balanced diet, taking BCAA's can work wonders. No matter if you are looking to bulk up, lessen exercise fatigue, reduce the damage caused to your muscles after working out, maintain normal blood sugar levels, reduce issues associated with liver disease, or just build leaner muscles in general, BCAA's are a potential tool to help make achieving these goals easier. Either way, if you are seeking to purchase high-quality BCAA supplements, Ronnie Coleman is an excellent source. Offering both BCAA powders as well as tablets, you can choose which form works best for you or maybe try a combination of the 2.


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