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Olympia Predictions

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By Derek Ciocca July 27, 2016

 Big Ron Picks

Mr.Olympia 2015

Exclusive Predictions from Ronnie Coleman

Top 10:

1. Phil Heath - I got Phil Heath in first again because of his superior genetics and incredible shape over all the guys. Last year Phil might have been a little off and because of that he’ll be sure to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind this year.  2 years ago at the ’13 Olympia Phil’s shape, size, symmetry and conditioning were superior to anyone else.  If he does that again I’ll be saying what I said to him when he walked off stage in ’13… I think he got 1st and 2nd place.  Don’t tell anyone I ever said that to him though. 

2. Dennis Wolf – Now, I would have Kai Greene here but it seems as of right now he isn’t competing so I have Dennis in the 2 spot.  If Kai ends up competing I have him in 2nd.  Dennis has been improving greatly over the last few years. All of his body parts are coming up and his condition is improving too. He is almost to the point if he keeps improving, which I'm quite sure that he will, he'll be able to take over the Olympia throne in a few years.

3. Shawn Rhoden - I have to give Shawn 3rd place.  I'd give him 2nd but Dennis is just too big and he beat Shawn in a head to head at the Arnold Classic last year. This will be very close to the Arnold Classic.  Neither one has competed this year since the Arnold that's the way it was at the Arnold Classic last year when they went head to head.  Both were fresh so I expect the same result. 

4. Branch Warren - I'm going to put Branch in 4th place because he looked really good at the last pro show that he won.  He can't get anything but in better condition if he stays on his diet, which he will. Branch is a Metroflex guy and friend so you know I’m always rooting for him but that has nothing to do with my prediction.

5. Dexter Jackson - I'll put Dexter in 5th because unlike the Arnold Classic, the judging here will be a little different. The Olympia is about Size, Condition, Symmetry, Shape with a big emphasis on size and that's the reason I'm putting Branch in 4th and not Dexter.  Dexter and I came up in the sport together so I’m really happy to see him still competing at such a high level and reaching his record 16th Olympia appearance.  That’s a hell of an accomplishment. 

6. Big Ramy - I'm going to put Ramy in 6th.  He still needs to work on his Symmetry.  Those legs are out of control!  Once he gets his symmetry in order along with great condition, lookout because he's gonna take the Olympia throne and stay there for a little while.

7. Juan Morel - He is a big guy with a lot of muscle, great shape and comes in great condition. Once he puts on more size, and he will, his placing will go much higher.  Look for him to make big strides in the upcoming years. 

8. Jon Delarosa - I'm going with Jon in 8th.  He's another big guy with a lot of muscle who trains heavy and comes in good condition and has great shape.

9. Victor Martinez - I'm going to go with Victor in 9th.  He’s not the great Victor we know from ’07 but he still is in great shape and has decent size left.

10. Johnnie Jackson - I’ll round out the top 10 with Johnnie.  Johnnie trains heavy and carries a lot of muscle.

I don’t think anyone outside of the top 10 is really worth mentioning at this point....


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