Raynold Castro Domalsin

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth
Baquio City, Philippines
80kg (Season) / 90kg (Off Season)
Career Highlight:
* Mr. Olympia Amateur Asia 2015 (Hong Kong) 2nd place below 75kg * Shawn Rhoden Classic 2015/2014 2x Men’s Bodybuilding Overall Champion * Arnold Classic Amateurs 2015 (Colombus, Ohio) 4th place below 80kg
Favorite Workout:
Legs, because I believe I still have a lot to improve on this body part. Back, because it is one of my strong points.
Favorite RCSS Product:
Amino-Tone because it helps me keep hydrated more than other stuff out there. King Beef because of it tastes awesome plus my muscles feel the protein surge!

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