John Albert Estrella Aquino

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth
Dominican Republic
Contest 200lbs Offseason 215lbs
Career Highlight:
1st Mr.Republica 2013, 3rd Central American & the Caribbean 2013
Favorite Workout:
Chest & Shoulder
Favorite RCSS Product:
Combine MYO-Blitz, Testogen-XR and STAKED-NO. Providing me Energy, Mental Focus, Strength, Muscle pump & and a huge Vascularity.
I started weight training at the age of 16, I got really big as any other guy that starts training without coaching and only wants to get big to be the strongest guy in school. In the year 2004 I understood that the best thing was to be in shape, having an aesthetic body and not like a bouncer. It wasn’t until February 2013 that I decided to participate for the first time in a competition in the Men’s Physique division obtaining a 5th place. Since then God has blessed me by making it possible for me to participate in other important worldwide events.

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