Joakim Noah

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth
New York City
6' 11"
Career Highlight:
Winning back to back NCAA Championships at the University of Florida. Winning the 2014 NBA Defensive player of the Year and being selected to the NBA All First Team. Leading the Bulls to seven straight playoff appearances.
Favorite Workout:
I enjoy cross-functional training that includes powerlifting and non-traditional workouts in the ocean or pool. My goal is all about increasing my performance on the court.
Favorite RCSS Product:
RESURRECT-PM and AMINO-TONE. I actually mix them both together before I go to bed. My game is all about recovery and it doesn’t get much better than this. As an athlete, especially a professional, there’s nothing more important than staying healthy and recovering so that you can come back and perform at your highest level every day.
Noah was born in New York City. His athletic roots start with his father Yannick Noah who was a tennis star and winner of the 1983 French Open. He attended the University of Florida where we was a part of two back-to-back national championships. He was selected 9th overall in the 2007 draft and has been selected to two All Star games, and won 2014 Defensive player of the year.

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