Cory Matthews

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth
Las Vegas, Nevada
5' 7"
Competition 198 lbs Offseason 235-240
Career Highlight:
2012 Nationals
Favorite Workout:
Heavy Back, Heavy Dumbbell Rows,
Heavy T-Bar Rows, Lots of variations of
Pull Downs, Dead Lifts.
Favorite RCSS Product:
ISO Tropic Max It is the best tasting
protein I've ever had. With zero sugar,
zero carbs and zero fat. It is the one
protein you can actually take during a
contest prep. I love ISO Tropic Max
before bedtime. I don't feel full or bloated.
I started lifting weights at the age of 14. It was my favorite thing to do because I was good at it. I was always told I should be a bodybuilder, it wasn't until I met Gus Carter and Ronnie Coleman. And began to train with them that I was encouraged to step on stage. My first show was The Lone Star Classic where I won the overall. My next show Europa Super Show were I had a slightly discouraging 3rd place finish. My next show would be none other than The Ronnie Classics where I would be overall winner. And my 1st National Show I place an impressive 4th place. My next competition would be the USA in my home town where I placed 3rd. At the 2012 Nationals I earned my Pro Card. I was blessed to have the ability to train hard and to be surrounded by a great team of family, friends and trainers to support me. Altogether it was God given.

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