Corey Calliet

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth
New Orleans
5' 11"
Career Highlight:
As a bodybuilding competitor my biggest accomplishment was placing 2nd at 2014 Junior National Competition. I would have loved to have won but I was very proud of myself. It is very difficult to compete and travel as much as I do. As a trainer my greatest accomplishment was being named the head trainer for "Fantastic 4" (2014) and "Creed" (2015) movies. I enjoy working with actors. They are some of the hardest working people I know.
Favorite Workout:
I enjoy working out shoulders. Presses are great but my favorite by far is Side Lateral Raises.
Favorite RCSS Product:
My favorite supplement by far is BETA-STIM. I take two in the morning and I’m good to go all day long. I also like that it comes in a pill and powder form. It’s nice to switch up the delivery method.
GAINS!!! Has been a word that celebrity trainer and body sculptor Corey Calliet has used to sum up his life and philosophy on training, changing people lives and pushing them towards living longer, healthier, and happier fit lives. As a native of New Orleans, Louisiana enduring and overcoming several challenges growing up as a youth in the inner city has given Mr. Calliet a unique view on life. While starting off out of shape and working at the post office to support his newly born daughter Mr. Calliet decided that it was time to change his life and that he was meant for something more. He decided that life in general is all about GAINS; Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Financially, so he started with the one thing he knew he could change instantly with hard work and dedication.....his body. Corey became obsessed with the human body studying and working tirelessly to perfect his body and his craft before even thinking about moving on to others. When Mr. Calliet finally felt his physical gains were ready for the world he began trying to get message of physical and mental Gains out to the world by starting at the bottom and working at local gyms in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a personal trainer. By providing his wealth of knowledge about the human body and changing his local clients bodies at an amazing rate, Corey gained notoriety quickly from all of the local fitness people and eventually was rewarded for his hard work by being allowed to manage his own gym, where he proceeded to train several athletes and body builders in the area. Through all of his hard work changing well known clients bodies in Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, California etc Mr. Calliet gained high praise from his mentor and a Hollywood fitness guru Aaron Williamson who was moving on from the business and decided that Corey would be the perfect and only person who had the ability to replace him. Aaron thought so highly of Mr. Calliet that the first movie and crew that he put him in charge of was the multi million dollar FOX studios movie project THE FANTASTIC 4 and Corey had been on a rampage through Hollywood ever since.... NOTABLE CELEBRITY CLIENTS: MICHAEL B. JORDAN ASAP ROCKY TERRENCE J TONY BELLEW JAMES FRENCHVILLE LIZ MILLIAN JASMINE SANDERS JAYSON BERNARD THE ENTIRE CAST OF CREED AND MANY MORE… Corey's vision is to spread his message that hard work, dedication and being persistent leads to GAINZ in every aspect of life. His talent for sculpting bodies with his unique workout regimes and diverse meal plans is undeniable, combine that with his philanthropy in the community and unwavering belief in his message will lead Mr.Calliet and Calliet Fitness to being a force in the fitness and health industry for years to come. Signing as the official RCSS CELEBRITY TRAINER and working along side his idol and Body Building Legend Ronnie Coleman is a dream come true for Corey and it has only provided him with more motivation to move forward and perfect his craft!

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