Alex Perris

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth
New York City
5' 10"
Career Highlight:
As a bodybuilder it was winning the 2008 Greater Gainesville NPC light heavy weight division. As a trainer my biggest accomplishment was when Joakim Noah was selected as Defensive Player of the year and added to All NBA First Team.
Favorite Workout:
Chest/Back, Olympic Liftiing and Crossfit. I like to combine a little bit of everything into my routine because with my job I have to be ready for anything.
Favorite RCSS Product:
RESURRECT- PM. It’s original, effective and there’s an immediate feeling that you can’t deny. Anyone can benefit from this product. Recovery is one of the most important things for athletes and sleep plays a huge role in this. Any product that can improve the quality of your sleep and allow your body to be more efficient and effective at rest and recovery is a big time advantage. About Alex: Alex Perris is an elite trainer to several professional athletes including Professional Basketball Player Joakim Noah. He is a unique trainer that infuses old school bodybuilding with functional training. He is responsible for putting on nearly 50lbs of mass on NBA All-Star Joakim Noah through a rigorous diet and training program. In addition he is a former NPC competitor, Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer and US Air Force Veteran.

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